It won’t be overdo if we insist that your mattress helps you support how you think, work, learn and get along with others. Surely those effects are a bit less visible on you than your cat who spends two-third of its life asleep; but where you spend a third of your entire life does play a vital role on the aforementioned aspects. According to Hans Förstl sleep is “A highly organized and active cerebral state with decreased awareness of ongoing external events. It offers the brain an opportunity to rework and reconnect the information we collected throughout the day. It’s like a computer working off-line.” So, you can clearly see why we make such bold acclamations about the effects of your mattress on your sleep and health. Whether it is an innerspring, airbed, waterbed, memory foam , adjustable beds or latex that you prefer, keep the following facts in your mind next time you make a purchase. So below are the 5 ways your mattress affects your sleep and health:

  1. Lower Stress Levels:

Modern life is too interesting to hectic to stay asleep for a long period. Although nothing can surpass the need of 8 hours of minimum sleep a day, trading quality for quantity can be profitable when it comes to a busy routine. And it is always better to have a sound sleep for a few hours than tossing and turning on old, soggy mattress for 8 long hours. It has been found in recent study that sleeping in new mattresses can reduce stress level. It also reduces headaches, worry, irritability, and other stress-factors.

  1. Decrease Pain:

If your mattress is too soft or too firm, it might affect the aligning of your spine during the long hours of inactivity. After the pressure put on your spine all day long, your spine deserves adequate rest. Most mattresses get soggy after a few years of purchase. Even the springs popping out from there and there may be the cause of your pain and uneasiness during sleep. These may result in long lasting backache and minor injuries.

  1. Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite:

The inner coil and empty areas in between the fabric of your mattress is home to thousands of microscopic dust mites along with their excrements and other dusts. While they won’t really bite you but the possibility of getting asthma and allergies will surely soar high. Vacuuming the mattress along with using allergy-proof slipcover will help you to keep the mattress at their place: the very core of the mattress.

  1. Chemical Induced Allergies:

Modern mattresses contain petroleum-based chemicals, foams, plastics and flame retardants that are harmful to some individuals. It is always advised to purchase organic and chemical free mattress if you’re one of those individuals who can’t stop sneezing at the dead of night due to such close contact with the chemical source.

  1. Decrease Appetite and obesity:

Quality sleep helps you to maintain a healthy balance of the hormones that make you feel hungry (ghrelin) or full (leptin). When you don’t get enough sleep, your level of leptin goes down. This makes you feel hungrier than you would have been if you were well rested. This in turn may lead you to a healthy body or obesity depending on the quality and amount of sleep you get. And this all goes back to the main gadget of sleeping: your mattress. If you are planning on taking part in a weight loss program, buying a brand new mattress might be the first step!

The quality and pattern of your sleep can change your life forever. From a microsleep that leads to accident to the learning of a new skill, sleep has no alternative. And that too has to be a quality sleep. If you still have doubt on the ways your mattress affects your sleep and health, I can add that 6 months of sleeping on the floor on a thin kapok filled mattress did weaken me enough to the point of deciding to quit college. Hope you don’t get that far.

Don’t be the princess from  ‘The Princess and the Pea’ but don’t be so tolerant either.

Sleep tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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