Freelancing is a free occupation. Here people can work anytime in any type of work. If you want to start your freelancing career, you don’t need to learn it from any Institution and School. You can learn it yourself if you have proper guidelines. At first you have to know what type of knowledge you need to start this career. Then you have to arrange some basic requirements which you need must to start. You should keep in mind that you are not learning from any institution, you have to learn from internet. So today i am going to discuss about some basic requirements and their uses to start you career.

Basic Requirements



Freelancing is a virtual occupation. So you have to work virtually here. To work in this virtual place you must need a Computer or laptop. You always have to get connected to the network. So it is almost impossible if you have not any computer. You cant work here using your mobile, tab etc. I saw many people who want to start learning but they don’t even have a computer. So try to get a computer before starting.


Good internet Connection:

It is the most important element to start you career. Because by using internet , you will be connected to a network. If you want to learn freelancing , You have to learn from internet. Because you have to see a ton of videos from Youtube . You have to use Google to get rid of your problems.  You need a very good internet connection without any limitation. Your internet connection must provide enough speed to load a Good Quality Vedio on Youtube. Don’t think of money now. Because after some days of learning you can earn a lot of money you ever thought. So take a good internet connection in your computer.


Tasks you have to do


If you have this requirements , you can start your career now. You have to research the area of freelancing and have to learn which area matches you most. There are a lot area of freelancing like :

  1. Web Design & Development
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3.  Data Entry
  4.  Article Writing

And many more. You have to know about this by searching in google. Don’t be afraid. Because i was on the same place when i started. You can give 1-2 days to know about the area.


When you will finish choosing area , you have to learn on this area from Youtube or Google. I learned everything from google and youtube. So i think it will be not tough to use this opportunity. If you face any type of problems or if you have query , you can comment here to know more. I will try to make a new post to solve your problems


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