Some Top Popular Freelancing Websites to Start Your Freelancing Carrier

Freelancing is an open source profession. Anyone can do freelancing but he would need a good freelancing platform to start his freelancing carrier. Beginner freelancers search for the best platform so that they can get a job easily. Actually, all freelancing websites have positive feedback and also some negative feedback. There are a lot of freelancing websites on internet.  In these websites, there have some best freelance websites. Today I am going to write a review article of the best freelance websites. Check the reviews below:


Over 1.5 million clients in Upwork , offer every types of works to freelancers. It is one of the best freelance websites where a ton of freelancers work. Simply sign up here complete your profile and then start applying to your preferred jobs.  It supports hourly and fixed price job. Upwork has a good reputation among other best freelancing websites. On this platform, clients’ need to verify payment method before hiring anyone in a freelance contract. So your payment is about safe. You can apply limited jobs per month with your available connects. Every basic member get 60 connects and anyone can upgrade his member anytime but it costs. Upwork gives top rated and early rising badge to freelancers. It has secure payment method system – direct bank transfer, skrill or moneybookers, card, paypal. It needs 5-7 days to clarify funds.


Among top freelance sites, Freelancer is another website. Freelancer has membership plan system. A free member can apply to 8 jobs per day. It is one of the popular freelancer sites. There are a lot of freelancers work here as web designer & developer, graphic designer, writer, data entry operator and so many. In this platform, clients give every type of jobs to workers. It allows you to compete with others in contests to prove your skills. Here freelancers also get many badges like other freelancer sites. Its payment methods are direct bank transfer, skrill or moneybookers, paypal.


Elance has joined Upwork . Complete your profile, verify yourself with a skype video call to elance corporation. Enjoy secure payment system and ensure your hourly jobs’ payments that you will be paid for your hourly jobs.



Like other freelancer sites, Guru let you showcase your portfolios or past works easily so that clients can easily know your skills. Freelancers and clients can use Work Room to keep everything on track – create agreements, control milestones, communicate or share documents. Guru also has a good reputation and popularity like other top freelancer sites.


For the designers, 99designs ( ) is the perfect place to prove their talents. Here freelancers get chance to complete projects in contest and it is a great chance to prove their skills.


Fiverr  is totally different from the above freelancing websites. After creating an account, you need to create a gig and publish that. If clients like your service gig, they will purchase that. After completing that service pack, client will release your fund. Fiverr needs 14 days to clarify funds. Its supported payment methods are paypal and payoneer master card.


For web projects, Peopleperhour is a great platform. If you are a web designer, web developer, SEO specialist, you can work on this platform professionally. It is a clone of Fiverr   . In freelance network, it is very popular website.

Here are the top freelancing websites’ short reviews. It will be helpful for the newbie in freelancing. All freelancers should remember one thing – “Choose that platform, which one you would prefer. Don’t choose that platform, which one people force you to choose.”

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