Sleeping on imperfect mattress may result in spinal pain. it just destroys the beauty of the morning.  But choosing the best mattress for a perfect painless sleep is not that much easy. Let us not waste any more perfect mornings. The following points may help you to find the best mattress for back pain:


 Find out your own style

To be honest, there is no such mattress that can be considered to be a perfect one for each and every person. As sleeping style and position vary from person to person, the choice of mattress varies also. Some like to sleep on soft and some prefer on hard. Some are side sleepers where’s some are stomach sleepers.  So before choosing the perfect mattress, one should find out his or her preferences.Here is a detailed guide , Best mattress for stomach sleepers.


Combine your style with the mattress type:

After confirming your own type one can choose among the vast range of mattresses. For side sleepers, a medium firm mattress is the healthiest ones. For back sleepers, mattresses with extra spinal support are recommended. Generally, neither too hard nor too soft mattresses are suggested by the experts. Because if the mattress is too soft, your body will get drowned into the mattress which is not affirmative to your body. Again if the mattress id too hard, it pushes the pressure point of the body. It creates spinal misalignment which results in back pain. So watch out!


Adaptation ability:

It means the ability of the mattress to absorb the shape of human body. As our body is of curved shape, the mattress should have the ability to absorb our body contours. If not, then it puts extra pressure on some specific parts of our body (ex: shoulders and hip in case of side sleepers) which creates an imbalance on the spinal cord and may cause back pain. That’s why medium firm mattress is mostly recommended as its adaptation ability is higher.


Number and height of coils:

All of us are familiar with spring mattresses. In a case of spring mattresses, number and height of coils or springs are very important. 1000-2000 is an average number of springs but for heavy weighted people, 2000+ is recommended. It should also be noted that design and distribution of coil are more important than numbers.


No sagging allowed:

Sagging means the depression of mattresses in particular places. It delivers an imbalanced upward force on your body while sleeping. If your mattress id not equally plain all over that it might be the reason of your back aches.


Some healthy mattresses:

Thanks to the new technology, a new type of mattress are always coming in the market which is useful for a bad back. Memory foam mattress, latex mattress, gel mattress etc. are the example of this. These mattresses are specially designed for reduction of back pain. Memory mattress are tetra layered where’s latex mattress are made of the sap of a rubber tree. The gel mattress pads are a combination of gel and foam layer. But the major disadvantage of this mattress is its overweight. the weight and flexibility of the gel pad can create difficulties to position the pad on a mattress. If you want to find a mattress for fat people, This may help.


Picking up the best mattress is very important as we spent a major time of our day on it. So wish you all the best to find the mattress of your own choice and have a perfect healthy sleep before a painless beautiful morning!

This is a Guest Post by David Hasse.

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