Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Train and tears

We people like to enjoy the life. We so often like to travel… To enjoy the beautiful sights of this so called beautiful country we are seen to set train journey….I am doing the same. When I am writing this article, I am on a beautiful train of my homeland, …

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Lets Report Against The Report Card

Report Card

The endless journey of education starts through school life. School teaches a student how to make the journey fruitful. but does the report card of school exams really show a student’s progress? The answer is a big NO because the report card carries the marks that students get through the exams. It doesn’t …

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The Habitation of Success

Real life experience

The habitation of success Life is a chance. We get this chance for once for an uncertain period. No one knows where the full stop is waiting. But still everyone smiles, cries, speaks, walks and continues with surviving. The word, success, makes everyone run. Motivational movies like the ‘Forrest Gumph’ …

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