Today i am going to write about how you can get  your first job in upwork . I know it seems tough for the new freelancer to get his 1st job on this platform .But it is not much tough to get first job in upwork. Just you have to follow some instruction. Have to change your strategy again and again. So i am going to discuss about some points which will help you to understand about recent freelancer competition and the way to get your job quickly. Of course i will discuss according to my experience. I really tried hard to get my 1st job there. After bidding 3 months of time, my luck gave me a chance to make my profile. Yes i really took the chance and made my profile. So you don’t know when the chance will come for you. So my first advice, never stop bidding job until you get one.

Here a Top Rated freelancer shared her story how she got her 1st job in Upwork .

Let me tell you all the points about it:

Do you know about your skill?

To make your upwork profile you have to make sure that your are prepared for the job you will get. I mean , Please make sure that you can do the job you applied on upwork. Because You won’t get any profit If you will get a job and for lack of skill ,you can’t finish it . Then you will get bad review from your clients and won’t make your profile. So i think it is not a good idea to bid a job not matching your skill.

Are you scared to hear my previous point?

I know when i was started to apply for job, i have confusion if i can do the job or not. But i know i have the skills but i don’t have enough experience. So Experience is the point i scared. As you are a new freelancer so my advice for you not to afraid in this situation. Keep trust in your skills. But my previous point is for those who don’t even know the job requirements and applied for the job. Suppose you applied for a  “WordPress Design” job. But you don’t even know what wordpress is and Never worked on WordPress. Then tell me how you will satisfy your client and will make your profile ?

Mistakes we do at the time of bidding job:

I remember the first month of my starting. Every jobs i was declined gave me some experience to apply for new job. I needed to apply almost 97 jobs to get my first job on Upwork. Because i didn’t know how to apply for job. I changed my strategy to bid a job almost 30 times. So biggest point  in applying job is changing your strategy. Just think why you declined for the job? What is the reason actually? You will find the point gradually. I can assume some points according to my experience:

  1. Too many applicants: 

    Main reason to get declined on job for the new freelancer is ,”There are too many applicant who wanted to do the job and many of them already have very good profile on Upwork” . Just ask yourself, “If you are client, Did you hire someone who don’t have a good profile i mean a nacket profile” . So now you know about your weakness. So it is time to make strategy. Ask yourself, How can you make your profile more attractive? I think you will get your answer. My answer is , You should make a good number of portfolio and Should give a nice tittle and a really attractive description of yourself which will help you to make your client understand that you are Versed enough to do the job.

  2. Must read the job description:

    Everyone should read the job description before applying for jobs. Don’t copy paste application. You can copy paste a few line. But you should write a few sentence about the job on the application which will make your client understand that you read the whole description.

  3. See the requirements for the job: 

    Some clients give requirement like Minimum 100 upwork Hours worked, Minimum 4 star feedback. My advice is not to apply this type of job. It will be really a waste of your valuable connects. I wasted a lot of connects by applying this type of job. Never got any reply.

  4. Change your strategy:

    If you were declined in any job, try to find the point why you were declined. And change your strategy each time.

  5. Skill test:

    Give some skill tests according to your skill. It will increase your chance to get a job. There is many way to pass upwork skills tests. Search in the Google and know more.

  6. Give your time on Upwork:

    Are you thinking that in a day you will give an hour time to apply for job?  I must have to say , you won’t get a job if you give only an hour time for applying. You have to wait and wait for the best match skill jobs. When you will find a job with less applicant and matches your skill , you can bid. So find a specific time when applicant bidders number are less and wait for your job.

  7. Bid Quickly:

    If you can bid a job within 20-30 mins from the posting time , it will increase your opportunity to get a job.

  8. Choosing Cient to apply job (Newbee): 

    Less reviewed and experienced clients give  more jobs to newbee. My experience says that all the job’s client i got firstly are less experienced (was new in upwork).

Thanks everyone. My last advice is ,”Don’t stop bidding job. Never be tired. The more you bid will increase your chance to get hired”.

I am not a professional writer. I just want to share my experience to help the freelancers. Because i really suffered a lot to establish in upwork. If i get some comments , I will of course write about it again for sure.


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