Hello Guys. Happy to introduce Dilfaza a Top Rated Freelancer in Upwork. She will share her hard experience how she got her 1st job in Upwork and Became Top Rate Sealed freelancer with in 3 months. This is really hard for some one new to be a Top Rated in this short period of time. I am showing some requirement for being Top Rated.

  1. You have must earn 1000$+ in the last 12 months
  2. You have to maintain 90%+ Job Success score in your profile as Well.
  3. You have to maintain Rising Talent Badge at least for 13 weeks in the last 16 Weeks .
  4. You should not have any Account Hold in the last 3 months

After reading all this requirement, We understand that it is really Hard to earn the badge . So , Let’s see Dilfaza’s Word.

Dilfaza’s Words:

Hello Everyone. I am Dilfaza Arefin an Web Designer and Developer with perfect SEO and Internet Marketing Knowledge. I am going to share my experience how i became a top rated freelancer.

Patience is the Most Powerful Weapon Here:

When i created my account on Upwork , I thought that it would be easy to get jobs on Upwork. But i realized with in a Week that Its is not that easy. I bids 15 jobs and lost 30 connects but didn’t even get a reply. I started to research what is the easiest way to get response from my client. But didn’t found any useful guideline. I decided not to lose hope. I changed my strategy in Daily basis .

Changed Bidding Strategy:

I applied for each job by writing by my own . There was no Copy-Paste on the proposal. Each day  , i got declined , was helped me to think about new strategy . So How i do That ?

  1. When i was declined 1st time , I changed my overview and tagline . I thought that is why my client is not responding. Gave some Upwork Test , Made my profile 100% . I gave WordPress , HTML , CSS tests.
  2. When i was declined 2nd time, I added two portfolio of my work. Actually i didn’t have any portfolio. Only for getting job i bought a 1gb hosting  and a domain and made my 1st website . I got a paid theme from one of my expert friends and used that WordPress theme for making the website . I didn’t have a large budget . Here is a hosting Company  , Where 1gb hosting costs only 8$ and a domain at only 11$. In this package they allow to host 3 domain which is really great.
  3. So i passed already 7 days for making portfolio and have already lost 30 connects.After adding portfolio i again applied , But again disappointed. So now i make my proposal pretty small by only indicating exact point .It didn’t work for me.
  4. Again changed Overview ,Tagline and bidding style.Still failed.
  5. When i was on the 12th day , I was worried. But didn’t lose hope. Most of the time i applied for the Clients whose payment method was verified and had a good Upwork experience because i learnt from many blog to avoid unverified client. But that time, I planned to apply for unverified clients also because the applicants on the that type of job is pretty low.
  6. I tried to bid a job where applied inexperienced freelancer . Tried to avoid the job where applied lot of experience freelancer . I visited every freelancer’s profile , who applied for the specific job. But the problem is this is really hard that type of jobs.
  7. So Now , I changed my time to apply for the job . I tried to bid a job at 4 am (GMT +6) our time and surprised . Because i found some jobs where there is only 3-5 applicants and the clients are also verified. I applied 3 days at night.
  8. This was 18th day, I got my 1st response from a client.I was so excited. So 4 AM the time (GMT +6) was worked for me . My client gave job of 30$ to make a huge website in WordPress. I finished the website in 2 days by working day and night .My client was surprised to see my working spirit . He provide me 3 projects at a time , each of them gave me 30$. I earned my 1st 90$ within 28th days.
  9. I didn’t stop bidding i got 3 Five star reviews and great compliment to my profile which helped me to get the next jobs.

Built Long Term Relationships:

I tried to build long term relationship with my clients . I was really hardworking , So most of my clients liked to give me more jobs. I earned my 100% Job Success score status within the 1st month . I keep applying job at night . But this time i had a five star review profile. So In the 2nd month,i got another jobs easily. Most of my clients , gave me more project.

On the 3rd month i reached in 600$+ income. I needed 400$ more for becoming Top Rated Freelancer. Because i had already earned 100% Job Success Score. I got some more project and earned 1000$+ from Upwork and they gave “Top Rated Badge” in the 4th month of starting.

Final Verdict:

What i learn from this ? Patience and Hard Work is the main pillar of any success. I hope this experience can help you to go forward. Try to change your strategy quickly and hold on , Success is waiting for you . Now i am working in a Web Design and Development company , If you have any query feel free to ask.

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