SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe endless journey of education starts through school life. School teaches a student how to make the journey fruitful. but does the report card of school exams really show a student’s progress?

The answer is a big NO because the report card carries the marks that students get through the exams. It doesn’t observe their special skills, behavior with people or even their humanity. The matter can be easier citing by an example.

Two students, A & B, are from the same class. The roll number of A is 1 and of B is 45. A studies for twenty four seven whereas B doesn’t study for more than two hours a day. A can not make a good friendship with others. but B can be very near to people’s mind within a short time. B can recite poems well and A can memorize poems well. A has just read the textbooks whereas b has read a lot of books written by different writers besides the textbooks. The behavior & politeness of B attracts everyone. But A doesn’t know how to speak with people perfectly.

But at the fag end, the report card of school has made A the first boy of his class & B the 45th.

It is a matter of sorrow that sometimes parents are seen to judge their children by the school report cards. Their behavior with their children also depend on the report cards. But they actually forget to judge the report card well.

The main target of education should be making one fit & helpful for the society. Proper achievement of education doesn’t depend on the report cards ever. So lets report against the report cards.

Written by

Shakil Reja Efti

Class : 10

Dinajpur Zilla School

Dinajpur, Bangladesh.

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