The things I’m going to tell you in this article isn’t actually a success story , It’s actually all about and How I started and how I’m struggling with Upwork. Atfirst, I would love to introduce myself:

This is Azharul Islam Samin. A freelancer on Upwork , having experience on WordPress , Html , CSS , SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

Now a days , Upwork is not a Marketplace where you may create a profile , bid the offers and get the jobs.
The journey I started with upwork was the year of 2014. But the first entry wasn’t pleasure for me. I came with the experince of Html , CSS and WordPress then. And with the help of my friend Sazzad I created a profile on upwork. Made the Profile 100% Complete and started bidding. Though I didn’t bid properly, but those days just made me upset! I just left the place for 1 year.

With 1year of gap I just came back with my old profile. This time I was fully determined and started to bid the jobs daily. I actually didn’t know what types of job should I apply for. I bidded most of the jobs what came infront of my computer screen when I just typed “WordPress”. I startes to search for some tips how to apply , when to apply what to apply on upwork & I asked my friend Anik too. Gathering some information and strategies from various sources, I just started to bid the offers following the new strategies and I bidded everyday. At the 20th day, luckily I got my first interview. And I just got the first job but this job didn’t bring a great money.  I was told to  upload some projects in a wordpress website only for $5.

I believe that, making a good relation with client may bring you more pojects. I tried my best to answer to my client’s message within a very short time and when client gave me any task , I finished that at very quick and delivered that. I even waited infront of my laptop when she(client) will just reply back. And at the end I can say, the impression was too damn good. I was so happy to see my 1st Client feedback on my Upwork Profile!


And as a benefit ,I hired by her another 2-3 times! But all of them were simple and very low budget job. The tasks were like fixing an issue in wordpress website , uploading portfolio, changing typhography etc. And I continued to bid the jobs daily. I used to apply for the jobs on midnight. But keep awake till the last night wasn’t so easy for me, So I set up the Alarm at 5am everyday and woke up and bid the jobs. But all these efforts goes to vein. I couldn’t manage a single job by bidding the offers in this strategty for over 35days. Cause I hadn’t rich portfolios on my profile.

I thought about that. Why I’m not Getting Any Job??  Then a realization hit my mind that,  Why a client would love to give me work as I am new and on the otherside he(client) got atleast another 20-50 Job Proposals from different experienced freelancers!! I knew that, I’ve to make my profile rich by gathering more reviews from clients and have to make rich the portfolios but If I   dont get the jobs , then how can it be possible ?

One day one of my facebook friend told me to bid the job at a low budget as you have no experience on your profile and I followed the idea. I got a $50 Job which budget was $75. But you know that making a WordPress website for  $50 isn’t worthy, though that website weren’t so functional. But it wasn’t great. So I changed my decision and started to bid the job for 100$. After that 20 days just passed but I couldn’t manage a single job. In this time I just understood what’s going on with these marketplace. I just interviewed 3 or 4 times and some of them just gave hello and some of them discussed about their project and the budget, then just vanished. I couldn’t figure out what was going on …. Now tell me,

What Can a New Freelancer Do for Getting a Job with a Zero Experience Profile?

I am not inspiring the people to bid the jobs at low price. Maybe waiting for 2-3month or luckily a guy can get a job but that’s not a solution , right? We know that, Working on low budget just destroying the market. Do you want to know how much it already did? Then just go over the article. You will find it!

Suddenly I just got a invitation for a job and the budget was 30$. The title was ‘Simple SEO for a Website’ . So I just answered him and asked what the tasks actually? In simply he just answered you have to bring the keywords of my website on first page of google.

Seo Job Post Samin Post
Okay, Isn’t it sounds like a joke? Then I just told him it will take 2-month ad I will do it on my current $/hour rate and told him to make it atleast $100, otherwise you won’t get a freelancer to do it or get a good result. And he just answered me “I’ve another  3 freelancers on queue,they are ready to start the work, Thanks.”  I just amazed and couldn’t reply anything.

So now , you may be understood the situation of the marketplaces, specially the Upwork. This situation isn’t created by it’s own. On the other side, some Freelancers are creating lame impression for their self and for the country too by their irritating job application.  The most irritating thing I found is the Cover Letter for a Job. They are using the Copy-Paste Method. Even the Cover letter get matched 4/5 times among all the applicant’s cover letter for a single job post!
Maybe the current situation isn’t harmful for the Top rated freelancers but its very disappointing for the newbie and medium category freelancers who just gained some experience on their profile! As I’m almost near to reach the top rated freelancer though I also have to face these & now I am COO of Web Builders BD and Chief Billing Manager at Host the website.

So , for the Newbie Freelancer, I can say,  You have to be experienced more than before. The current situation of the marketplaces is so competitive. You just have to keep your patience and try to apply new strategies everyday. You may read the blogs (ex: Upwork Blog, HowDesign, WriteToDone ) everyday. You may also read some motivational speech like Sazzad, Dilfazas Surviving Story on Upwork, Which articles may help you to get motivated and give you a boost on your work for sure! Now a days Some Marketing Strategies are  benefical but Marketing Strategy like Fiverr may not help on Upwork cause You can’t link your Upwork Profile to other sites where your personal information or business website is located. But Using Quora, Forums may help you sometimes indirectly. Some marketing Strategy may help you, but before doing these , you should read the TOS of Upwork very carefully. Besides, you may try to work on the other marketplaces like  SEOclerk , Freelancer , Fiverr .

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