I am Sazzad. I worked really hard to establish my freelancing career. What  am I writing is based on my personal experience. I got suspended 3 times on Upwork. I was five star rated in all 3 accounts.Please read the full story.

I was a student and 17 years old(according to certificate) when i decided to start my freelancing career.  I had so many confusion in my mind. Because , I couldn’t able to specify any area, I should serve for. I have a passion on Designing website. After researching , I set my goal to establish me as a Professional Website Designer and Developer on Upwork.

How I Started My Career?

Actually, I had no skills and Knowledge in Website Design when I was started. Mainly I was inspired by one of my College Friend Iftekhar. We read in the same college , Rajuk Uttara Model College ,Dhaka. He was earning an average of 400$ by Website Design , that time.

I didn’t have any skill but I had a true passion for my work. I started watching videos on Youtube . I wasted almost 3 days time by seeing some videos which didn’t give me much value actually. At that time , after further researching in google , I found Rasel Ahmed and Atique Ullah’s videos which helped me to start learning HTML and CSS. I watched all HTML & CSS videos and finished learning them in only 3 days. I took a free hosting from 000webhost because I didn’t have any money to invest on it. Started making a personal HTML Website of myself using HTML , CSS , JavaScript. I was able to finish that website within 3 days. I was so excited , I shared that website to all of my friends.

I made Upwork account and made it 100% within 2 days. Started bidding job on Upwork . This was really a nice experience in the beginning of start bidding. But I got hopeless in a Week . I wasn’t able to find even any response. I continued learning new things. It was 2 weeks since I started. I tried to find the reason why I got declined on Upwork. Changed my title and overview and bid again but nothing happened. Changed my profile picture, gave some Upwork tests but still the same. Then, what is the reason behind this was a mystery to me.

I felt that I should add more portfolios. Actually, I always hoped for the big. On that time , I saw a dream that I would establish a Website Design and Development company which name will be “Web Builders BD”. I am in the 3 weeks , I finished learning WordPress by watching RR Foundation’s Videos. I worked day and night on that time. I made my first WordPress Website using free hosting and Domain. I named it Web Builders BD. You must see this website. You should try reloading  two or three times to see this website because most of the time  you find it down for using free hosting.

After making the website , I added the website to my portfolio. Tried bidding some jobs again. There was no specific time to apply for a job. I applied 3 days but again failed. I also made some HTML templates and some PSD to HTML portfolio and added them to my portfolio. But getting jobs on Upwork is not that much easy. Those portfolios didn’t help much for getting a job. I learned WordPress theme Development . And make a theme with my previous HTML templates. I was in 25 days from the beginning , I learned HTML , CSS , PSD to HTML , WordPress Theme Development , Basic Javascript. Still didn’t able to get a job.

I didn’t lose hope. I was waiting for an opportunity to buy a Hosting and Domain. Because , What I did in past ,I used free hosting and domain. My sister was planning to run an Online shop. I took this as an opportunity. She buys me a hosting and domain for making an E-Commerce Website. I asked for paid theme to my friend . He gave me a paid theme. I bought a hosting package from Bluehost by the help of one of my facebook brother who has PayPal. I made a professional E-Commerce Website. I was surprised. Because,What I made was great for a new freelancer.I made the website within 2 days only. The website is not live now because my sister closed that this year. But I have the Portfolio picture still now. Check this website layout – Majestybd.com.


How I Got My First Job:

I researched to know the reasons for my failure. I found that I applied for the jobs at the wrong time. New freelancers should apply a job when there is no more than 10 applicants. After further researching, I found a weird time when in every job there are fewer applicants. I won’t reveal the specific time , But it is in the very early morning. After bidding 3 days continuously , I got my first interview on Upwork.  I didn’t how much happy I was! It is not explainable actually. The client asked my skype id. I attended to my interview and could able to take the job . This was a job of making a Professional slider in WordPress. I didn’t know how to make a professional slider. I saw some videos which helped me to make a slider by Revolution Slider plugin. I worked 20 hours continuously to finish it quickly. My deadline for this job was 3 days. I finished it within 1 days. My client was more than happy after getting it. He gave me 5-star review with an exclusive compliment.

I understood that clients always like a freelancer who can maintain quick deadline.

How I lost My First 5 Star Rated  Upwork Account:

After 3 days he hired me again. I got 3 projects from him at a time. I got 55$ in my account. So, It was time to withdraw my money. I started reading Upwork forum. I found , To withdraw money , I must need a bank account with my own Name. The problem arose , Because I was 17 years old according to the age of my certificate. I couldn’t able to make a bank account with my name. What should I do ? I contacted to the Upwork Support and asked them , “I am under 18, So I don’t have any bank account in my name , Can I able to withdraw money to my sister’s account?”

“This was the biggest mistake of my life”

They told that under 18 is not allowed on Upwork and suspended my account. I was broken. But still didn’t lose my hope.

Made a New Account and Got Suspended Second Time:

After making my id 100% , I started bidding jobs again. I also got 2 jobs on that account. After 9-10 days they ask my National ID card. I made a fake id by Photoshop from an Expert Designer. Believe me, It was impossible to understand that it is fake . I thought they don’t have any access at Bangladesh NID Database. It proved false. I don’t know how they understood my Fake NID. They suspended me again and told me not make any upwork id again, They will suspend them also. This was so frustrating , you know! 🙁

But I was not that guy , I didn’t lose hope. I started to wait to be 18+ .


Suspension of My Third Account Which Was Top Rated:

I became 18 +. So it is legal , to make an account now on Upwork. I prepared a Passport to submit it on Upwork. Because  I got confidence this time, I have a legal ID. I open an Upwork Account again . Started bidding jobs on Upwork. They didn’t ask for any NID on that time. I got a couple of jobs and finished them . Within 3 months of constant working day and night , I made my this Upwork ID “Top Rated” . Top rated  , means I have 100% job success score and have 1000$+  earnings in the last 3 months.

Please Check the Full screenshot : Click Here To Download

suspended upwork account

One day , I found my Top Rated ID Suspended again. This was the time , I am feeling myself valueless. Tears come automatically in my eyes.

I am sure this was the Worst moment of my life.

Upwork didn’t explain me anything . They told i have serious policy violation. I chatted with their agent . Please take a look at the screenshot what they told me.

Chat with upwork agent


I remember , I couldn’t able to get up from my bed 3 days. This was really painful. I didn’t know what to do , I was totally broken. Read my last sentence on the previous screenshot.

Upwork doesn’t give any value to a freelancer.

Whatever , I was not made for proving myself a failure person. I started my life again.

Journey of a New Life from the Beginning :

I know , I won’t able to make any Upwork id in my name in the future. I made an Upwork account in my sister’s and father’s name. This time , i didn’t do any mistake. I got jobs from my old clients. Within 3 months , I got Top Rated Again. I launched a A Hosting  and Domain Company  and  Website Development Agency last year.  Slowly , I am leaving Upwork and getting work opportunity to my Web Agency where I have 6 members involved. I have good  numbers of clients in my Hosting Company too. I recently started my Amazon Affiliate Business and doing well there.

If any new freelancer needs hosting , you can contact me. Of course, I will  help you by giving a package in the lowest rate possible. I know how important it is for a new freelancer. if you have no budget , Show me some portfolios. I will give it for free for 1-3 months.

I don’t know what will you learn from this . But surely , You will get some inspiration and can learn how to fight with darkness.

What I did , worked Day & Night constantly in the last 2.5 years.

If you are still reading my life story , Thanks to you . Please comment a line below so that i can understand your presence, It would be a great pleasure for me.

Keeping patience and Working Hard is the only way to Success

I am making a team of some new dedicated freelancers Who have passion and spirit , willing to work hard to establish himself. I will teach and guide them myself from the very beginning.  Of Course for free. If anyone interested you can send your BIO to my email : anik@hostthewebsite.com . I will choose only two dedicated freelancers. You can join my facebook Group to get Updated about my project with two new freelancer.


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I am Anik an Website Designer and Developer with great SEO skills having 3 years of experience in this field. I am experienced in Internet Marketing. I am also Founder of HostTheWebsite.com , a Hosting and Domain Company in Bangladesh.

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