The Gloom of The Night!

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Written by: Isaiah Tripland Heaven

As the great hustle and bustle of the day sweeps in, triggered from the melodious songs by the early birds in the morning and the delightful heat of the sun mixed with the sweet hue of her rays over the horizon, nature seems to play a great role in outlining the beauties of the day very artistically! But rather than the day, the night too paints out a rather different view of the nature even the Gloom of The Night, and quite a lot more comparable to that of the day!

For centuries, the day and the sketch of the nature has been the theme of many poets, with very few of them relentlessly wondering about the night! In fact, the gloom of the night itself surrounds a serene beauty of its own! Whereas birds in the morning leave their nests tweeting and hovering all over the endless sky, the silence of the sky too is enchanted by the profound sleep prevailing over every creature! People too dive into a cozy world of dreams, with a better hope for the next day! But, being a late-night sturdier, I experience the world in a new dimension in the night, more than I do enjoy in the day! It seems like sipping a cup of the “peace of life” in the night, as you would now sip your cup of tea! The night itself provides an unique accommodation of silence, to do whatever you want with a complete grant of relief!

The Gloom of The Night

Apart from the continuous noises, chores and chaos and endless disturbances, the complete framework of the night is a great one to be devoted to self-study! On the other hand, it will obviously drag you to your study table when you find all of your friends offline in Face book, and there’s no one to chat with! Even it is the night to listen to the mighty howls of the street dogs clearly, which certainly may not be the thing you want to do! Apart from the tweeting birds of the day, the gloom of the night shivers with the “Hwoooo” sounds of the owls, wriggling of the crickets and the artistic projection of fireflies! The night wraps the whole atmosphere with ultimate silence and sometimes, is accompanied with the coolness of night-time breeze! I love the way everything gets lazy in the night, with the dogs too becoming asleep! Although of its great beauty, the night has decorated herself with such unique conditions, to be preferred for a sound sleep! And, that is how the nature has plotted every creature on the Earth to remain asleep!

the night has decorated herself with such unique conditions


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