The habitation of success

Shakil Reza IftyLife is a chance. We get this chance for once for an uncertain period. No one knows where the full stop is waiting. But still everyone smiles, cries, speaks, walks and continues with surviving. The word, success, makes everyone run. Motivational movies like the ‘Forrest Gumph’ so often commemorates the spirit of this running life. We all are running. Some of us are running very fast, some of us very slowly, everyone with different speed. May be this is the only running competition in this world where the runners run for an uncertain destination, the full stop.
If we close our eyes, take a deep breath and think about the habitation of success, we can easily feel a word that is SATISFACTION. We should be satisfied with this life for all the time. This will ensure our satisfaction with this life in the last second of our stay in this world and here lies the real success. This satisfaction will easily come in our mind if we dedicate our life to the service of making the world a better place. Trust me- this is the easiest service ever. Just one thing we need to do always is to make the people around us smile.

Let me share something with you from my own life. One day for going to school I called a rickshaw. The rickshaw puller was a boy smaller than me. While he was pulling the rickshaw I asked him different questions about his regular life. He told me sorrowfully that for the familial poverty he could not continue his study after class 7. At this I suggested him to start some little business instead of pulling rickshaw because he could get time to continue his study by that. As I had some interest in going through the books of business ideas, I suggested the boy a business plan as well. The boy was really very happy with the idea. When he came to know from me about the scholarships of different banks for the poor students like them, he became more happy and took my phone number. The boy, with a great interest, phoned me that night and came my home on the next day. With the help of my uncle I managed a monthly scholarship for the boy and helped him to start the short business. Now the boy knows how to smile. The smiling face of the boy satisfied my little heart and filled it with inspiration.
When I come back home after the completion of my school exam, so often I am asked how my exam was. I reply that I gave my best. At this my parents get solace in mind. When I add that I did not take anyone’s help for writing even a single word, they smile. Their smiling faces satisfy me. It is right that I would have got 2/3 marks more in the exam if I would take help from others. But my satisfaction is more important to me.
Just keep your face in front of the mirror and remember the faces you have made smile throughout your life. You will easily understand the meaning of life and you will surely smile a bit with satisfaction. If we start the mission of making people around us smile and continue that, we will be able to say this beautiful world ‘Good bye’ with a mindful satisfaction.

Written by

Shakil Reja Efti

Class : 10

Dinajpur Zilla School

Dinajpur, Bangladesh.

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  1. Shakil. Reja Efti

    Thanks a lot, everyone…… Let’s start the mission of making people smile…. Let’s smile…. 🙂


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