Shakil Reja IftyWe people like to enjoy the life. We so often like to travel… To enjoy the beautiful sights of this so called beautiful country we are seen to set train journey….I am doing the same. When I am writing this article, I am on a beautiful train of my homeland, Bangladesh…..Yes, the train really looks so beautiful from outside and my this article will be trying to let you know the inside beauty of this sweet whistling vehicle….
The first time travel without my guardians…I started to think myself adult…But I really never understood that the train will insist me to be more adult than that what I thought. I managed a ticket legally.. But there were the scarcity of legal passengers inside. I came to know it after entering into this hell. The train started to move slowly and I, despite having the ticket, started to cross the extreme crowd taking my life in hand and putting the ticket inside the pocket…oh! Sorry..I was also bearing my luggage in one hand and so the life was bound to sacrifice it’s one portion with this chocolate coloured luggage in my hands. It was gettig harder than anything else to me to cross this extreme crowd, the mixture of legally and illegally managed ticket holders. Suddenly I saw a police what brought the solace in my mind for a bit. But when I observed his condition, I fell in a great doubt whether that police was going somewhere  for taking part in drama for cultural function to play his role as an ideal police officer or he was just an actual police. Keeping this doubt in mind I cordially requested him to help me in taking my seat. He said, ‘are you not seeing my condition?’ I was silent. He added, ‘I can not tackle myself. Choose your own way and help yourself!’ As a son of a defense member it was clear to me that he was an actual police, not an actor at all. But I was a helpless guy that time. However, I was luckily crossed the crowd by myself… Noticed that the police was fixed in the crowd just like a candle standing on a birthday cake, a burning candle indeed what has reached to the eleventh hour of its life.
Train BDComing to the side of my seat I saw it filled up. I cordially informed the sitted members that I had a seat over there. They took my interview and listening to my confident speech one member stood up and gave me the seat. Seeing the seat leaving style of that man anyone can easily guess that he sacrificed his seat for me. But actually I was legal. However, after a bit an old poor man came there and showed me his ticket to help him find his seat. I noticed that he has got a seat just beside me and that I informed him. The old poor man, listening to me, requested the young man sitting beside me to leave the seat. But the young man told that he had got a specially passed seat there and so he can not leave the seat… The old man was silent. He just gazed at the young man. I noticed the presence of some liquids in his eyes. He was not able to stand well because of his age. I was so sad observing the condition that I was on the way to leave my seat for that man. Just on that time the old man shouted saying, ‘I am a freedom fighter!’ The liquid came out of his eyes. The tears…..

Written by

Shakil Reja Efti

Class : 10

Dinajpur Zilla School

Dinajpur, Bangladesh.

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